Gentlemen Hosts and Pro Couples

What is a Dance Host?

What is a Gentleman Host?

Gentlemen Dance Hosts are expected to socialise with passengers and dance with the female passengers, who happen to greatly outnumber male passengers on most cruises, and sometimes to provide accompaniment on shore excursions. Dance hosts must be present nightly and afternoons on sea days, on the dance floor plus “work the room”, offering a dance to each unescorted female passenger, while being careful to not show favouritism. Hosts are also responsible for attending all ship-sponsored parties, They serve as general companions, making conversation and joining in for shipboard activities and games. Dance hosts should be sociable, physically fit, with impeccable manners of course, plus good dance skills in dances such as the waltz, rumba and quickstep etc.


Single gentleman or able to travel alone
Aged over 21
Moderate or non-drinker
Good social dancer
Good conversationalist, good listener
Ability to mix with a wide range of people, community minded
Kind, honourable, happy
Physically fit (able to dance for long periods of time each evening)


Dance and socialise at Cocktail Parties
Attend Masonic Gatherings & Service Clubs Meetings (only one person required)
Dance and socialise at Deck Parties
Dance with single ladies at Dance Classes
Attend Afternoon Tea Dances
Evening Dance Sessions (an hour at a time) sometimes until 1am


Up-to-date Registration with us
Valid Passport
Be up to date with inoculations
Visas when needed (you will be advised of this)
Credit/Debit Card or Cheque Book (to settle onboard account)
Worldwide Travel Insurance ( This must cover Hosting on cruises)

Cruise Line Dance Hosts

Gentlemen Dance Hosts are to socialise specifically with all the single ladies and refrain from showing favouritism towards any special lady or group of ladies. It is important to socialise with all passengers, be comfortable initiating conversations and remain courteous to passengers and all staff at all times.

A Gentleman Host would be comfortable with formal manners at gatherings and events as well as more casual situations. Of course, you should maintain orderliness and sobriety at all times.

A Gentleman Dance Host should be visible on days at sea, to chat and mix with guests, perform other duties or assist with special events, as requested by the Cruise Director. You will see yourself as an auxiliary staff member and anticipate whatever needs doing. Additionally, you would assist with shore excursions if or when requested.

As a Host, you would be actively involved during the daytime and evening, keeping immaculately groomed and have an adequate cruise wardrobe, with ability to travel for two consecutive cruises for fly-cruises (approximately 1 month duration).

Importantly, you should also afford air transportation from a distant port if the Cruise Director requests you disembark due to your inappropriate conduct.

What are Dance Host Couples?

Similar social qualities to Gentlemen, as above, but dance instruction is an added requirement.

Job Description for Dance Host Couples are as follows:


Run dance lessons at the times determined by the Cruise Director. These will usually take place on days at sea in the afternoon or when the ship sails early afternoon.

Liaise with the Cruise Director as to what lessons you are able to offer.

Take part in any scheduled Deck Parties, Sail-Away parties etc to start the dancing off.

Attend Tea Dances to dance with unescorted passengers.

When in port you may wish to escort the Shore Excursions. Advise the Excursion Manager if you would like to be considered for this duty. You would be expected to dress smartly and wear your name badge.

Attend the “Travelling Alone Party” which is usually held on the first morning at sea.

This is a good chance to meet the single passengers who are most likely to want to dance each evening.



Attend the Captain’s Welcome & Farewell Cocktail Parties (both sittings).

Be available to dance with all unescorted passengers at all advertised dance times. Check the daily times carefully as dancing takes place in different venues.

Have a selection of music with you in case you are asked to play recorded music for dancing.

Attend the repeat passengers cocktail party (usually one per cruise).


The lady hostess must be a strong man dancer as she may need to dance with lady passengers.

Both of you will need to be confident in teaching a beginner class.

The steps must be broken down clearly and both the man and lady’s steps must be called out. Remember not everyone in the class will be able to see your feet.

You will both need to be confident in counting the class in on time (beat 2 in Latin is required).

Hosts’ Sequence & Old Time Dances include:

  • Mayfair Quickstep                                            
  • Lilac Waltz
  • Saunter Together                                             
  • Rumba No. 1
  • Tango Serida                                                     
  • Melody Foxtrot
  • Square Tango                                                    
  • Sally Ann Cha Cha
  • Balmoral Blues                                                 
  • St Bernards Waltz
  • Catherine Waltz
  • Barn Dance
  • Gay Gordons                                                     
  • The Veleta